Fuki-Urushi Nesting Katakuchi

Brand: analogue+
21,000 yen ($133.34 USD)

Three Piece Fuki Urushi Nesting Katakuchi Set

A set of the three elegant ursushi ( Japanese Lacquer) nesting katakuchi hand-crafted exclusively for Analogue Life by Fuji Seisakusho. Katakuchi are traditionally used for pouring sake but the three sizes can be used as well for serving sauces, oils and dressings. The vessels are finished using the technique of fuki-urushi which involves repeatedly applying and wiping off the lacquer allowing hints of the woods natural color or grain to show through.
**The bowls will range in appearance from solid black to black with hints of the chestnut wood visible.
Each set of bowls comes packaged in a kiri wood box.

maker: Fuji Seisakusho
Husband and wife team Kenichi and Minako Fujii work together to produce each set. Kenichi shaping each piece in preparation for Minako whose expertise lies in the application of the lacquer.


  • Dimensions: Dia S7.5cm / M9cm / L10.5cm x H S 5cm / M 5.5cm / L 6cm
  • Weight: 217g
  • Material: Horse Chestnut / Japanese Lacquer
  • Product No: W-93
  • Made in Japan