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Tetsubin (Iron Kettle) / volume:1L

Traditional Japanese Nambu iron kettles are not only beautifully crafted but have many benefits. Excellent heat distribution and retention properties keep boiled water hotter for longer and iron from the pot released in the water can be appreciated as a dietary source of iron. The interior of iron kettles have a thin oxide film that results from the casting process. The film enacts with minerals in the water when water is boiled, softening the water for a more pleasant taste and better cup of tea. Cast Iron also ages beautifully and will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

The kettle can be used with gas and IH stovetops.

◎The place of origin is Mizusawa in Iwate Prefecture, the home of Nanbu ironware. The "Mizusawa Ubaguchi" is made using casting techniques that have been passed down since the age of Oshu Hiraizumi. Ubaguchi is one of the shapes of the tea ceremony kettle, and its unique round and bulging form is distinctive.

◎The bottom is wide and flat, providing excellent stability. The spout has a sharp water flow. The black surface is created by the oxidation film formed after casting, as well as by performing "oil firing" by applying tea stain liquid and camellia oil. With use over time, the color deepens even further.

◎Some people may worry about rust when it comes to iron kettles. Rust occurs when moisture remains on the surface. Each time you boil water, pour it out completely and open the lid to release the steam inside. Dry thoroughly over low heat. If rust does occur, boiling water with used green tea leaves (even if they have already been used) and drying thoroughly will bring back the original black color. Furthermore, the scale that accumulates each time you use it forms a protective film on the inside.

◎It has been demonstrated that water boiled in an iron kettle not only reduces chlorine but also increases the amount of iron ions


  • Dimensions: Dia 18cm x H 10cm (with handle18cm)
  • Volume: 1000ml ( filled 70%)
  • Weight: 2000g
  • Material: Iron
  • Heat Source: Gas / IH
  • Product No: T-48
  • Made in Japan