Iron Kettle L

Brand: Azmaya
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Tetsubin (Iron Kettle) / volume:1L

Traditional Japanese Nambu iron kettles are not only beautifully crafted but have many benefits. Excellent heat distribution and retention properties keep boiled water hotter for longer and iron from the pot released in the water can be appreciated as a dietary source of iron. The interior of iron kettles have a thin oxide film that results from the casting process. The film enacts with minerals in the water when water is boiled, softening the water for a more pleasant taste and better cup of tea. Cast Iron also ages beautifully and will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

The kettle can be used with gas and IH stovetops.


  • Dimensions: Dia 18cm x H 10cm (with handle18cm)
  • Volume: 1000ml ( filled 70%)
  • Weight: 2000g
  • Material: Iron
  • Heat Source: Gas / IH
  • Product No: T-48
  • Made in Japan