Chestnut Box

Artist: Gaku Nakazawa
40,000 yen ($265.79 USD)

Lacquered Chestnut Wood Box with Loose Fitting Lid / 10.5cm x 22.4cm x h8.3cm

Nagano based craftsman Gaku Nakazawa primarily creates vessels and utensils using woodworking techniques, such as chiseling and planing, to shape the wood. His designs are influenced by old folk art work and antiques and he embraces traditional Japanese aesthetics, that value asymmetry, simplicity and imperfection.

Many of his pieces are finished with urushi (Japanese Lacquer). He uses the fuki-urushi (wiped lacquer) technique which involves repeatedly applying and wiping off lacquer to allow hints of the materials natural color and grain to be visible while adding a sheen to the surface. The urushi coat also acts to protect the wood and increase the durability of the vessel.

Gaku Nakazawa
1991 Born in Nagano Prefecture.
2013 Graduated from Kyoto Traditional Arts University School.
2014 Studied under craftsman Shingo Tsukuda at Woodworking Tsukuda.
2017 Returned to Shinshu (Nagano) and joined a furniture manufacturer.
2022 Established an independent workshop in his hometown of Sakajo-cho, Nagano.


  • Dimensions: W 22.4cm x D 10.5cm x H 8.3cm
  • Weight: 530g
  • Material: Chestnut / Lacquer
  • Product No: GN-17
  • Made in Japan