Two-Handle Pan

Brand: Kajikobo HIROMITSU
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Tan Getsu FUTATE - Hand-forged Two Handle Iron Pan / dia 20cm

FUTATE is small, simple frying pan that can be used directly on the dining table as serving dish, allowing you to enjoy hot dishes straight from the pan. It is suitable for use over an open flame, on IH stovetops, as well as in ovens, on fish grills, barbecue grills and camping stoves, allowing for a wide range of cooking possibilities.

Hiromitsu's Tan Getsu branded pans are hand-forged. Unlike "casting," which involves pouring molten iron into a mold for shaping, "forging" involves heating and hammering the material into shape. It is not as easy to produce in large quantities as casting, and each piece has a unique texture and appearance. The "Tan Getsu(moon)" brand name suggests, a pattern resembling a full moon that is created on the surface of the pan during production. Traditional techniques are also incorporated into the details, such as the method used to join the handle and body. Rather than using uniform pressing or welding, each piece is connected using the traditional "kashime dome" method, which has been passed down from the Edo period. This technique can only be performed by skilled craftsmen.

Kajikobo Hiromitsu
Rooted in the tatara iron making industry of the Edo period, the Kajiya (blacksmiths) of Unshu Hirokazu, now known as "Kajikobo Hiromitsu," inherited the traditional techniques of forging edged tools, small farming implements, household items, and sword blades, while also working on the production of craftworks using Tamahagane and Watetsu. For ten generations, they have continued to incorporate the iron culture and technology of the Izumo region into their work.


  • Dimensions: Dia 20cm x H 1.5cm
  • Weight: 543g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: HIR-10
  • Made in Japan