Gorone Makura - Grey

Artist: Takuya Niwa
5,200 yen ($34.55 USD)

Gorone Makura (Pillow)

The Gorone Makura is a small soft pillow made from summer wool for use when taking a short nap on a sofa or bed. The exterior fabric is a summer wool from Bishu a region which has had a thriving textile industry since the Nara period. The interior stuffing his high quality sterilized buckwheat husks that have been washed and heat treated in Japan. The buckwheat husks, have a strong insect repellent effect and the large grains provide a firmness and stability that comfortably supports the head. Each pillow comes with a washable white linen cover.

Maker: Takuya Niwa (Niwa Futon-ten)
Nagoya based futon maker Niwa Futon-ten has been producing high quality cotton bedding for more than 150 years. Founded in the Meiji era, the family workshop is run by 5th generation artisan, Takuya Niwa and his father, both of whom, have been awarded prestigious national prizes in recognition of their skills. While preserving long established techniques of traditional-futon making, Takuya Niwa is also crafting new textile products that are suited to contemporary lifestyles. Through collaborations with contemporary apparel brands, demonstrations and workshops he is active in preserving the traditional futon making techniques while adapting to the needs of today.


  • Dimensions: W 33.5cm x D 11.5cm x H 10cm
  • Weight: 560g
  • Material: Summer Wool
  • Product No: TN-009
  • Made in Japan