Tetsubin (Iron Kettle) - Bokotamamon

Brand: Tetsubin - Kobo Takahashi
47,000 yen ($445.15 USD)

Ironware craftsman Daieki Takahashi received recognition at the Japan’s Traditional Craft Competition for this uniquely contemporary take on the traditional Japanese Tetsubin (Iron Kettle). Compact and lightweight, Takahashi's design adds a stylish element to the tea drinkers ritual.

Iron kettles have many benefits including helping to provide supplemental iron, removing the smell of chlorine from tap water for a better tasting cup of tea, and retaining heat for long periods. If properly taken care of, they can be used and passed on for generations.

*Tetsubin are fully iron Kettles (they do not have an enamel interior) and are only designed for boiling water. They should not be used for brewing tea.


  • Dimensions: W 14cm x D 8.8cm x H 10.4cm
  • Volume: 1.2L
  • Weight: 1065g
  • Material: Iron
  • Heat Source: Gas / IH Burners
  • Product No: T-70-1
  • Made in Japan