Nami Chazutsu Sakurai (Tea Caddy)

Artist: Yashima Ide
35,000 yen ($221.30 USD)

Brass Tea Caddy / capacity: 100g

A tea caddy uniquely designed with the ritual of putting tea leaves into a teapot in mind. The distinctive curved shape, of the lid and body function as a tea scoop.

The container, with its tight fitting inner lid, is airtight to protect the tea from moisture, light, and odors that could affect its flavor and aroma. The soft yellow brass used in its construction will change color gradually over time.

The idea for creating the tea canister started with Shinya Sakurai, the director of the Sakurai Roasted Tea Research Institute, who has been involved in the tea brewing business for over 20 years. Sakurai came up with the idea of adding a "scooping" function to the tea leaf container, which is traditionally used only for the purpose of storage. In collaboration with the craft designer Yashima Ide, the design and functionality were discussed, and the size and capacity were adjusted in partnership with Kaikado, the well known Kyoto based tea canister maker that also manufactured the tea caddies.


  • Dimensions: Dia 6.5cm x H 11.5cm
  • Volume: 100g
  • Weight: 210g
  • Material: Brass・Tin
  • Product No: ID-10
  • Made in Japan