Momogusa Geta M - Tetsunando

Brand: Galerie Momogusa
13,000 yen ($118.59 USD)

The traditional raised wood clogs known as Geta have been an essential in Japan since the Heian Period. Galerie Momogusa’s original Geta combine a subtly toned hanao (thong) coloured in a traditional Japanese tint, a beautiful kiri wood and a coloured rubber sole in a design that is fashionable and modern. Traditionally worn with Yukata or Kimono, we also recommend them paired with jeans or a simple wrap skirt. Perfect in the summer months as slip-ons for the patio. Available in two sizes: M 23cm~23.5cm / L 24cm~24.5cm

SIZE M : 23cm ~ 23.5cm / COLOR: Tetsunando (Blue)

** NOTE: Geta should be worn is an size that is slightly smaller than normal allowing the wearers back heel to protrude about 1 to 2 cm off the back of the sandal.


  • Dimensions: W x D 10cm x H 5cm
  • Weight: 335g
  • Product No: S-53-2
  • Made in Japan