TAjiKA Kitchen Shears

Brand: Tajika
11,000 yen ($74.50 USD)

Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears
Fully forged from steel with hand-sharpened blades. Each part of Tajika's Kitchen shears is hand made with care.

Tajika Haruo Scissor Works
Daisuke Tajika and his father Takeo are the third and fourth generation heirs to the scissors workshop founded by Takeji Tajika in 1938. Together they produce over 70 different kind of handmade scissors under the Tajika and Takeji brands, ranging from professional tailoring shears to garden shears, kitchen shears and scissors for general household use.


  • Dimensions: L 20.5cm x W 5cm
  • Weight: 155g
  • Material: Steel
  • Product No: T-12-3
  • Made in Japan