Wa Rosoku-Japanese Candles 5 Piece Set

Brand: Takazawa Candle
2,000 yen ($12.65 USD)

Candle Maker TAKAZAWA Candle creates traditional Japanese candles (Warosoku) derived from plant-based raw materials. Established in 1892, the company is one of the oldest candle makers in Japan and the candles are made using the techniques and materials that have changed little since 16th century. The candles are made entirely from plant based materials and the shapes themselves have been inspired by nature. The wicks made from handmade Japanese paper, allow for longer burning times and a bright beautiful flame. Each candle is made with a small hole through the center, and the candles require a special holder with a vertical pin to hold them upright.


  • Weight: 180
  • Product No: S-44
  • Made in Japan