Tetsubin (Iron Kettle) - Pottoto

Brand: Tetsubin - Kobo Takahashi
33,000 yen ($317.80 USD)

Compact and lightweight, Daieki Takahashi's Chibimaru Tetsubin (iron kettle ) adds a stylish element to the tea drinkers ritual.

Iron kettles have many benefits including helping to provide supplemental iron, removing the smell of chlorine from tap water for a better tasting cup of tea, and retaining heat for long periods. If properly taken care of, they can be used and passed on for generations.

The handle on this kettle can be lowered when filling the kettle and the hole in the lid will prevent the kettle from boiling over.

*Tetsubin are fully iron kettles (they do not have an enamel interior) and are only designed for boiling water. They should not be used for brewing tea.

Base Dia 11.2cm


  • Dimensions: Dia 14cm x H 11cm
  • Volume: 1.3L
  • Weight: 1102g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: T-70-4
  • Made in Japan