Kuchitsuki Black Donabe

Brand: Dorakugama
18,000 yen ($112.73 USD)

Donabe Earthenware Pot / Cooks 3-4 servings

The village of Marubashira in Iga Prefecture has been renowned for the production of pottery since the Nara Period. At the Doraku kiln craftsmen have been producing earthenware vessels on a wheel since the Edo period, for over seven generations. Every piece is hand-thrown on the wheel, air-dried, glazed and fired. With knowledge passed down through the generations the Fukumori family that runs the kiln, preserve time honored traditions and techniques in the production of their vessels.

The clay of the Iga region is particularly suited to production of cooking pots because of the organic matter it contains which leaves the pottery porous and heat resistant when fired at high temperatures. The thick body of the pot retains heat well, keeping cooked food warm, and the pot is designed with a lip on one side and thick curved handles that allowing for easing carrying and pouring.


  • Dimensions: Dia 28.5cm x H 15cm
  • Weight: 2636g
  • Heat Source: Gas Stoves. Not suitable for use with IH Burners
  • Product No: K-50-3
  • Made in Japan