Iron Kettle - Yuzuhada

Brand: Kamasada
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Iron Kettle Yuzuhada -1600ml (base diameter 9cm)

A master craftsman of Nambu Tetsu, traditional Japanese cast iron, Nobuho Miya works from his Kamasada ironware studio, founded by one of his ancestors in the Meiji era.

The Japanese craft of Nambu-tekki (cast iron) originated in the middle of the 17th century and remains popular today. The northern capital city of the Nambu Clan, present day Morioka in Iwate Prefecture is renowned for the production of cast-metal objects, and the region’s casting techniques have been handed down by generations of artisans.

The production process of making traditional cast iron consists of more than 6o steps, all done by hand.

Nambu iron kettles (tetsubin) are both functional and beautiful, and can be passed on for generations if properly maintained and treated with care.

The exterior of the kettle is finished with Urushi (Japanese lacquer) to prevent rusting while the interior has a thin oxide film that results from the casting process. The film enacts with minerals in the water when water is boiled softening the water for a more pleasant taste and better cup of tea.


  • Dimensions: Dia 17cm x H 11.5cm (with handle 24cm)
  • Volume: 1600ml
  • Weight: 1583g
  • Material: Iron
  • Heat Source: Gas / IH Burners
  • Product No: KMD-50
  • Made in Japan