Wire Rack-5 Tier

Artist: Osamu Saruyama
10,000 yen ($78.90 USD)

The inspiration for these card holders came from display racks for traditional handheld paper fans that were used more than a century ago by a fan maker in the historical city of Nara. Osamu Saruyama re-worked the design and produced the racks for displaying postcards or Cds. The racks also still function in their original purpose and can be used for displaying paper fans.

The metal racks have purposely been left uncoated and the rusting that occurs on the surface gives a weathered antique look that is an element of the design.

The racks which are extended to their full length when in use, collapse tightly for easy storage.


  • Dimensions: W 6cm x H 75cm
  • Weight: 200
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: T-11-2
  • Made in Japan