Iron Mobile

Artist: Osamu Saruyama
20,000 yen ($125.25 USD)

Technically we might call this a Stabile rather than a Mobile since it settles in one position and remains stationary. Designer Osamu Saruyama produced a small mobile for us for an exhibition we held back in 2012. We commissioned a few more this year and are thrilled with the simple elegance of the new design. The metal has been purposely left uncoated and the corroded surface gives a weathered, textured look. It can be assembled in two possible configurations.

Osamu Saruyama
Designer - Born 1966
Multi-talented Osamu Saruyama is a designer and musician based in Tokyo. His design studio, Guillemets Layout Studio, primarily engages in graphic and product design. His work is uncluttered, spare and elegant, often inspired by antique designs. Saruyama also collaborates with ceramic and metalware artists to produce a limited collection of products.


  • Dimensions: W 54cm x H 50cm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: T-47-1
  • Made in Japan