Takeji Nigiribasami

Brand: Tajika
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Nigiri-basami (Grip Scissors)
An all purpose scissors that can be used for cutting threads or trimming plants.
The hand-forged scissors have a unique design that was inspired by a large pair of shears for cutting sheep hair that Daisuke Tajika encountered on his travels in Europe. (*The surface of each scissors will differ sightly)

Tajika Haruo Scissor Works

Daisuke Tajika and his father Takeo are the third and fourth generation heirs to the scissors workshop founded by Takeji Tajika in 1938. Together they produce over 70 different kind of handmade scissors under the Tajika and Takeji brands, ranging from professional tailoring shears to garden shears, kitchen shears and scissors for general household use.


  • Dimensions: L 14cm x W 3cm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Material: Steel
  • Product No: T-3
  • Made in Japan