Jizai-Kagi - Lidded Kouro (Bowl)

Artist: Osamu Saruyama
32,000 yen ($204.16 USD)

Jizai-kagi were once part of traditional rustic Japanese homes. It was an architectural element which was suspended from a ceiling beam over an open fire to support a hanging kettle. Designer Osamu Saruyama's contemporary take on the jizai Kagi is made up a forged iron hanger with a simple mechanism to adjust the hanging length and a hook which holds a simple white bowl (Kouro) handmade by pottery artist Shiro Hamanaka. The kouro, traditionally for burning incense can also be used as a small vase.

The jizai kagi is made up of 3 separate components: main hanger 72cm-125cm (adjustable) / holder for bowl with hook H10cm / kouro (bowl) with lid dia9cmxH5cm

Note: Osamu Saruyama's forged metal utensils have been purposely left uncoated and the corroded surfaces gives a weathered, textured look that is an element of the design.

Osamu Saruyama
Designer - Born 1966
Multi-talented Osamu Saruyama is a designer and musician based in Tokyo. His design studio, Guillemets Layout Studio, primarily engages in graphic and product design. His work is uncluttered, spare and elegant, often inspired by antique designs. Saruyama also collaborates with ceramic and metalware artists to produce a limited collection of products.


  • Dimensions: W 4cm x H 77cm-125cm (adjustable) / Bowl dia9cmxH5cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Iron / Ceramic
  • Product No: U-21-2
  • Made in Japan