Jizai-Kagi - Lidded Kouro (Bowl)

Artist: Osamu Saruyama
32,000 yen ($252.49 USD)

Jizai-kagi were once part of traditional rustic Japanese homes. It was an architectural element which was suspended from a ceiling beam over an open fire to support a hanging kettle. Designer Osamu Saruyama's contemporary take on the jizai Kagi is made up a forged iron hanger with a simple mechanism to adjust the hanging length and a hook which holds a simple white bowl (Kouro) handmade by pottery artist Shiro Hamanaka. The kouro, traditionally for burning incense can also be used as a small vase.

The jizai kagi is made up of 3 separate components: main hanger 72cm-125cm (adjustable) / holder for bowl with hook H10cm / kouro (bowl) with lid dia9cmxH5cm

Note: Each jizai-kagi is handmade from available iron and the material can vary from a silver gray to a slightly corroded brown.


  • Dimensions: W 4cm x H 77cm-125cm (adjustable) / Bowl dia9cmxH5cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Iron / Ceramic
  • Product No: U-21-2
  • Made in Japan